External Market Analysis and Long-Term Planning

Challenge: A nonprofit community-based organization formed to conduct comprehensive and managed community revitalization wanted to understand how its market has changed and what its role should be in the continued redevelopment efforts in their community in the future.

Approach: NP Strategies conducted market analysis through speaking with city leaders, industry experts, and local residents to determine the current and future stages of redevelopment for the city. NP Strategies conducted deep analysis of benchmark organizations for expertise, experience, and knowledge of city revitalization partners and processes across the country. Performed thorough internal and external market analysis to determine the organization's core competencies as well as determine existing and possible future partners in city redevelopment.

Results: The organization has a strategy and clear sense for the role it should play in their city's revitalization process. They have a more thorough knowledge of the market in which they operate and key sectors in which to focus. The community-based organization is better equipped to play a defined role in its city's redevelopment process.