Outcome Measurement

Challenge: An innovative economic development organization sought to better understand the outcomes of one of its core programs so that it could continue its culture of continuous improvement as well as more effectively communicate the program’s impact to a range of audiences.

Approach: NP Strategies worked with the organization to clarify its theory of change (i.e. the ways in which the organization creates impact) and develop metrics and a methodology for testing that theory through independent outcome analysis. From there, we developed and implemented a series of surveys and interviews that obtained data from 80% of the client projects and 88% of the volunteers that were part of the program during the assessment period. NP Strategies analyzed the findings and developed a set of key-takeaways. We then worked with the client organization to translate the results into a published report.

Results: The organization has a more complete understanding of how and when its services are most effective as well as how they impact the businesses and communities they serve. This knowledge (and the corresponding report) is being used as a key communication and marketing tool for the organization. Further, the resulting analysis provided insight into programmatic changes that will further enhance the organization’s efficacy.