A Team of Experts

Our team of experts possesses a unique combination of nonprofit and business expertise.  Founded by individuals with previous management consulting experience in the for-profit sector and a passion for appropriately applying business principles to help nonprofits be more sustainable and achieve greater impact, NP Strategies has developed a reputation as the go to resource for strategic assistance.

Regional Knowledge


NP Strategies focuses its work in the Southern California region.  We have an intimate knowledge of the region and access to various resources for gathering demographic and market data as well as a strong network of contacts.

Facilitation Expertise


NP Strategies facilitates group discussions in each of our consulting engagements.  We have facilitated working sessions and brainstorm meetings with groups of various sizes and various perspectives (internal and external stakeholder groups), including board/staff meetings, retreats and focus groups.  In addition, we have the ability to facilitate strategy sessions in Spanish.

Collaborative Working Style


Our collaborative work style sets us apart from other consulting organizations.  NP Strategies brings to the table its research and analytical approach, its outside perspective and its focus on client satisfaction.  Our clients bring to the table an intimate understanding of their organizations.  By working together, we can achieve more.  We encourage client involvement, but our working style is flexible to meet client needs and to provide leverage to your staff.

Intellectual Capital


NP Strategies is determined to achieve impact for each client and also for the region's nonprofit sector.  While maintaining client confidentiality and respecting the uniqueness of each organization, our goal is to leverage our learnings from each project for the greater benefit of the nonprofit sector as a whole.